House rule

Login / Check-Out:

Accommodation on the day of arrival 14.00 on the morning of the day of departure 10.00 is available until.

In the case of special prior agreement, it is possible to book the accommodation at an earlier time.

In case of early departure of the booked date, the accommodation fee will not be refunded.

The accommodation can only be used by guests in the pre-arranged number of guests, which can be checked by the host without prior notice..

Upon check-in, Guests are required to fill out the registration form legibly or provide the Accommodation Provider with personal documents to fill out the guest book.

Our Guests visit only and exclusively with the knowledge of the Accommodation Provider, with your consent.


Accommodation is booked with a minimum 20% deposit.

Payment methods: we can only accept cash on site. It is possible to pay by bank transfer before arrival, pay to a bank account or with a Szép card (SMEs, K&H, OTP) to pay through the system of the Pénztárszolgáltató.

Tourist tax cannot be paid with a Szép card!

Parking lot use:

The apartment has its own internal parking lot. Parking is provided free of charge for guests. Larger installations on the vehicle are not allowed in the parking area, perform maintenance. Minor fix, maintenance is allowed until then, while the cleanliness of the area is not endangered.


Smoking and the use of open flames inside the building are strictly FORBIDDEN!

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas!

Rooms, use of furnishings:

Please use the furnishings as intended! Furnishing and equipment of the rooms, including towels, bed linen etc. it is forbidden to take it out of the house!

The furniture can only be rearranged with the consent of the Accommodation Provider.

Upon departure, we inspect the rooms and check for possible damage, the resulting costs will be reimbursed by the Guest on the spot.

material, means of transport (bicycle, engine etc.) it is forbidden to bring it inside, to store.

Please confirm when leaving the room, that climate, the electricity is off, and the water taps are closed.

Any malfunction is detected, please immediately, notify the Accommodation Provider immediately, we are unable to accept subsequent complaints.

In case of loss of the room keys, the Guest is obliged to notify the Accommodation Provider immediately, and reimburse the associated costs (door opening, lock change etc.)


The apartments have a well-equipped kitchen, where it is possible to prepare simple meals. The tools used in the kitchen are left at the accommodation in a washed condition.

Do not put metal objects in the microwave oven.

please, do not eat in the rooms, this only in the kitchen, and do it in the dining room!


The apartments are kept clean by the guests, cleaned and taken over. If there is a problem with cleanliness, report it to the Accommodation Provider, we are unable to accept subsequent complaints. We do not clean during their stay, only on special request. They can report their cleaning needs to the Accommodation Manager. Larger dirt created by Guests in the building must be cleaned.

Waste disposal, treatment:

Please before leaving, to collect the waste generated during their stay and place it in the appropriate waste container!

Fire cooking, spotting:

Set fire only in the designated fire place, in the wind, can be under supervision.

After the fire, we ask the Guests to remove the garbage and pour the embers.

Fire protection:

The use of open flames in the apartment is prohibited!

Services, Other:

Parking is free for Guests. Wi-Fi is free, and the password is posted in each apartment. The playground can be used for free, but only at your own risk.

Pets are not allowed in the apartment or in the yard.

The Accommodation Provider is not responsible for valuables left at the accommodation.

The damage caused in the apartment must be compensated by the person responsible for the damage. Please note, that the Accommodation Provider is not in a position to assume responsibility and pay compensation for damages resulting from events that occurred through no fault of its own (pl. natural disaster, hail, fire, Power outage, injuries caused in the parking lot, etc.).

To ensure peace of mind for Guests and neighbors, in the apartment and in the yard 22.00 – 08.00 it is forbidden to make noise between hours, play music or listen to music.

The accommodation provider reserves the right, that the scandalously behaving (big noise, yelling, stb), guests who do not comply with the house rules will not be accepted, or immediately removed from the accommodation. Guests who behave scandalously will be reported.

Guests of the apartment are obliged to observe and accept the House Rules and human coexistence, the rules of cultured behavior. Foreign guests can only be received with the permission of the host!

Good rest, we wish you a pleasant time!

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